Kane Mayfield _Step Eight​(​The Cookout)

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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Good Friday Flow Followers,

So as we are preparing to close out this series of FMF, I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate all of the comments, posts, and looks. So much so that this we we are going to do the first WHOLE SONG of the series. All original music, and this shit GOES… so lets get to it.

BACKGROUND: The whole process of doing a “concept record” is something i always enjoyed. The entire record uses food, cooking, and eating metaphors to describe life, the music business, and the streets. I watch a lot of Hells Kitchen so when I yell things like “ITS RAW” just know that there was a bunch of “WHERE IS MY RISOTTO” ad libs that we took out lol. But all in all, the record goes pretty hard. For those who have been following the series you know i don’t break down the last few lines of the verse. So I only broke down the 1st and 3rd verses… the 2nd is on you.. #FollowMyFlow BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE…….. on to the breakdown.


Israelite said you are what you eat brother…

that’s why the swine full of lies and deceit brother….

Since the whole verse is laced with food, references it starts off with the “are what you eat”. The pig (cops) full of lies and deceit.

I tell my peeps I’m lo cal, but i ride with the heat,

The only oats getting sown, I’m open eye for a freak

Okra i wouldn’t eat…i burn that green, on fake chickens

pressed up, getting saucy for cheap

Low Cal (calorie), but also low caliber as in not carrying a weapon. But I ride with the heat. Green as in the color of okra, but also as in money. Fake pressed up chicken (chicken nuggets) but also fake groupie women who “press up” on me. Getting saucy for cheap, as in drinking liquor, but also as in sauce for the nuggets… which are cheap. 20 for $4.99 last i checked… word to McDonald’s lol.

Exercises… why… pounds were busting out of my pants

motionless… getting fried wont take a nigga to France

Pounds (as in being heavy set), as slang for weapons being shot (busted) when i pull em out of my pants. Motionless (as in dead), also known as nigger-itis. Fried..France.. as in French Fries. And getting fried (high) makes you loose ambition and you wont get anything done.

And besides, in this country living large is applauded
I’m appalled when some mauga dog a get it in
I got bro’s out in cali, who move em a little tree
they say you sell or ree… up and i love when they getting cheese

Living large as in, balling out of control, and living large like being fat.. cause you eating (like getting money). A mauga dog (spelling) is Jamaican patois for very skinny. I got bro’s out in Cali (broccoli) which looks like little trees. But its like my bro’s who move trees (weed). Sell or Re-Up (celery), when they getting cheese (money) but cheese on broccoli. Fetta like the cheese, but it sounds like Fed Up…

But metaphor is the form that i choose to speak
Yeah we eating but we dying inside shall i repeat

I said we eating but we dying inside and that’s the theme


My Chef said.. you don’t need you another feature

Got Vexed…like fuck that, order another pizza my nigga

So this verse is mostly based around pizza references. Its kind of a mini story.

company coming, ducking another lethal
dose of drums…. but I’m calm my scarf soaked in ether

Company (beef) is coming, but staying calm. The pizza represents solving my problem in the street).

The Colors…. you see that shit

my eyes bleeding.. prophesy deliver me that strip

The Cupboard….. was full of snow, i shrugged it for stilling souls

my oven is full of coal

it whispered… “any thing for the doe”

Colors as in gang violence and seeing so much red its like my eyes are bleeding. Strip as in steak (beef) also as in a block. The cupboard being full of snow as in coke, but in a cooking reference its flour. Stilling as in stealing because drugs destroy lives. Stilling as in sitting still after a good meal. Oven full of coal is literal, and a way of saying “the heat is ready”. My gun (oven) telling me anything for the doe (money) and my oven telling me anything for the doe (pizza doe).

You paint the streets, tomato sauce colored blood and it rain’t supreme

you want beef…. they practically bringing it to your door.

They stick niggas for bread who bubbling with the coke

This is mostly imagery. But the supreme pizza (which has everything on it.. including beef) is being brought to your door, like delivery. Robberies are defined as “Bread Sticks”, and bubbling coke being the soda as well the process for making crack.

Blue cheese getting saucy… better then dry snitching,

Win D’s getting frosty…

High chicken…

Buff niggas get low, its hot as a fire engine

on the stove, so we know that the government trying to kill us.. WE HONGRY!!

I blew cheese (spent money) getting saucy (drunk), but the blue cheese is a sauce. Saucy chicken being better than dry chicken.. but you Win D’s (attract police) getting frosty (wearing diamonds). Also Wendy’s Frosty, i have heard about people dipping chicken nuggets in there when they high. But saying hello to the people who are scared of street circumstances. Buffalo (buff niggas get low) hot wings. Its the stove (ie my block) that’s hot.



from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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