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Good Friday Flow Followers,

This marks the HALFWAY POINT of Follow My Flow Fridays. Ten weeks.. Ten Joints… and this week i figured we would kick it up a notch. So after the FMF there is a special GUEST APPEARANCE so after the first joint stay tuned for the bonus track. Once again, thank you to everyone that POSTS, LISTENS, and COMMENTS on the series, it means a lot.

BACKGROUND: I have done pop records, east coast classics, and some just dope records… so i figured lets go Down South for the halfway point. So I figured I would do my own “…think I’m Big Meech” type shit on it. But… you know… it has to be some next shit. The fact that its called Revolutionary Raw.. is kind of a play on the ending. I mention a lot of revolutionary figures and then get RAW.


dont act like niggas aint told you….

book schmarts.. im so school…

betta learn the game, before i cirque du soleil your click

drag em out like pro tools

Simple Simon.. its an intro.. but Cirque Du Soleil is a travelling circus that has very bendable chicks in spandex.. so its like yeah, don’t get “bent up” and dragged out (same thing).

filibuster… with heat..

talk is too cheap and you still a customer

…make dollars in every parish i manage to balance

to balance the vocab like the Soledad Brother

Its a double entendre, to “filibuster” which is a part of parliamentary procedures in which you can extend a debate.. and thus “talk being too cheap”. Then its “fill a buster” as in with heat. Then its the EPMD reference where “Your A Customer” is one of their songs, and Parish Making Dollars was PMD. Soledad Brothers is a book that YOU ALL need to read.. no really.. go do that now. Then see what i mean when i balance the vocab (and metaphors about parliamentary procedure) with the ways Soledad Brothers.

Suh….suicide…. …. and i aint talking bout doors

but i want to paint it black, im a revolutionary

so i ..stash…glocks…up..in..my..floor

Because its a big down south trap swangin beat, the suicide doors part flys by pretty quickly. The Doors did my favorite cover to a Rolling Stone song called “Paint It Black”, but I want to paint it black cause I’m a revolutionary ieRevolutionary Suicide which is the book by Huey P Newton (founder of the Black Panther Party) again with the black literature. Black Panthers staying armed.. glocks in the floor.. yeah.. makes sense.

know the pad got a padlock come if you want

if i wave twin deuce i ..aint..chucking the four..

renegade been loose, trigga bang den poof

you would think Bamboo was dusting you off

Chucking the four being two peace signs, connecting to the whole black panther thing is the only non-surface item with one exception. If you saw the 90’s Cult Classic “Strapped” Bamboo (Fredro Starr) was a gun runner, which was a nice cap on all that gun talk. Get it.. cap.. HAHHAHA i kill me.. and you apparently

….I think im Colin Ferg….gus sin i defend myself…

….I think my momma woord (worried)… gave a hug, Boy yo what indat belt

same one that she beat me with, i had a secret in,

so the word is out…

so nervous thinking im gonna murder niggas

said im just like my dad but that’s word of mouth

I just thought that would be funny… I love long island references. Colin Ferguson was the Jamaican guy who shot up the long island Rail Road in the 90’s. He also went on to defend himself in court, going so far as to ask people “did you see me shoot you… no you didn’t”. So that and the whole “word of mouth” thing cause i did not meet my dad until later in life.

I knew the secrets to the fortune and the fame

as a broker i could soak whoever walked into my bank

Lying had me wired, i absorbed it in my veins

but im cautious letting horses out the fortress of my face

got a moat full of jokes and my archers aaaaiiiimmmmmm

out the windows to the soul…

dead bodies on my lawn, but i say its Halloween

numb skull still stuck on my doe

I was a Stockbroker.. i will occasionally reference this.. the fortress of my face with the moat, and archers, bodies on the lawn, and (numb)Skull stuck on my door (doe) is one big metaphor for my personality being a castle. Its more imagery.. windows to the soul being my eyes and such. Also i mentioned the money and moved on but a numb skull is still “stuck on my doe”

what you make, what you take, can you get any moe

if you want a good tip bitch look at my jawn

when i lived that life, if i said price

you would scratch yo lice relizing you broke

This is just an unfortunate truth. I get a phone call every so often with someone asking me for stock advice or some dumb shit. But when i “lived that life” i would only take investors with 250k to play with MINIMUM. Its not cause imG.. its the law.. but none the less funny, and punchline worthy.

..im-para-noied… got a natural.. bambazi.. i die gree

D.. ess …. yess… i wreck… i think im Ivan Boesky

…my boss points, and i raid yo shit with a ball point

yall day glow niggas better lay low,

less you wanna cup my stick like a ball joint

I am actually paranoid as shit when i smoke.. but since i got a natural high (bambazi) im just p-noid. Then its a broken pattern of “I Digress” and “I DieGreediest”. Ivan Boesky was a HUGE investor… like the kind that scared people. I can go into the whole meaning of that “raid your shit if my boss points” thing, but lest just call him a Wall Street hit man (legally of course) and leave it at that. Its also a call back to that whole “I think im Big Meech” thing but with a tie to my own history. The guy almost RAIDED Revlon in the 80’s.. he was a beast.

….no groupie coochie trap me…

….no moolie coogie tacky

…. yall bourgeoisie booty bandits, goofy dressing sue me faggy

Rapping like this is fun and i will dive on an opportunity to do it every time.

I be that ooh wee baggy….

to the Reg…. N-O, U larr

I jars the bars, yall niggas shake

thats a double entiddan

no not in my car

I JARS the bars as in my shit is in a jar and yours is regular, or a JARS like a to unsettle and shake. Yall niggas SHAKE like bad weed, or shake like .. well.. from jarring. Neither of which can be in my car.. bad weed or bad rap music. And thus the double entiddan.

The Ohh Wee baggy (bag of great weed) to the Reg N-O (oregano) Reg-U-Lar(regular brown weed)

Every record i spit on, i make it drakkar

new arr tis GIT ON my level it starts

when i beat the streat, and spit heat

i part the red see, you arse you just queefed

IM RAW… nigga

I spit on it, and make it fresher like Drakkar Noir cologne (which for the record it stank….. but works for a punchline) then the Noir is bent to make New-Ar-Tis. I am RAW… (enter special guest)


from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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