Kane Mayfield_Step Nine​(​FMF Live From A3C)

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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Good Friday Flow Followers,

I am fresh off of A3C, and feeling fantastic. Off the top I had a CRAZY time down there (ATL) and if you have never been I would SKROONGLY recommend it. I got the chance to kick it with Big Daddy Kane and MC Shan backstage, cut a record with the Beatminerz, and jumped in EVERY CYPHER I SAW. Shouts out to all the good folks I met, and heads I got a chance to build with. We all chasing our dreams. WORD!!!

BACKGROUND: This was literally the LAST verse spit in the LAST cypher that took place at A3C. Myself, Rapman Ron G (who killed it), my main man Hassan Mackey (get familiar), and some DOPE ass cats who although I never heard of, were equally as live. We were out in front of the gate after the BDK show, just GOING IN. We spit for a WHILE before i told the dude beat boxing (who was DOPE) to stop and catch this next rhythm, I then began to kick some double time shit. The result was as follows. (This is the audio from one of the videos captured)




If everybody starving in the streets....

There ain't no prophesy or promise that you eat...that you eat

(camera starts rolling)

gotta get that cheese, gotta get that bread

so you kick that flow like you did that bid

but you never been a hustler, or bust a nigga wig

heart like a marsh-mello when they run up in the crib

Self explanatory as it is, its true none the less. The whole verse is one big shot at the "crack pound key flipping pound buster, nigga killers". Because when people run in your house looking for big pounds of porcelain schnort.. they will be disappointed. Like snatching a nigga fake chain... its just a waste of everybody time.

aint nothing in your safe so that mad that they did ....you

dirty 730 with a piss...tool

looking at your face, cause you know you gone die

thief rolling his eyes like this...dude

If you aint bout that life, better check yourself

for you grab that mic

say you push blow, up and down turn pikes

sig-na-ture on a bullet that's coming down that pipe

Same situation.. its not complex.. just said very quickly. But if you say your selling half the drugs in the tri state area... in a recession... dont be surprised that your name is on a bullet.

In-di-scriminant woman that hang around that type.....

....gas em up, like you the man "dass right"

they faster than the finger that blast that trigger

to pass the poonanner cause you flash that ice.....

More of a shot at the women who jock these sucka's. They are faster (promiscuous) then your (lyrical) finger on the trigger. And give up the ass just cause you rock a shiny necklace.

....cold as the pole in wintertime,

those that know you wont go commit the crime

O, N, E your self, or you git the bomb

dropped in your lap that your wack to criminals

... and they know-you-wont tell..

if-you-do-dat, yo-record-don't-sell


and you stressed cause you sex and you can not make bail


Worse than the women who jock it, are the yes men who "know you wont go commit the crime". One ya self, or be faced with the realization that the people you are pretending to be like don't respect you. And when faced with the consequences of the life you represent, you will soon realize "drug rap" aint "drug deals". So BAIL.. like leave.

Better adhere the principal..

or pray to Jesus like the gauge Episcopal

the great, grand babies of slaves and Jim Crow

don't think your clip blow to you raise the pistol to em

Episcopal means based on or recognizing a governing order of bishops. Bishop is a type of Shotgun stock (which I owned). So although its kind of esoteric, the double meaning of it made perfect sense to me while writing it.

You wanna kill black people....

..... rap about Newport's...

ya sing songs bout gaudy sneakers

if i wanna hear a BIIITCH i listen to Too Short

Too Short says BITCH better than anyone in the history of rap. Conversely people who only talk about the brand of jeans or shoe they wear sound like BITCHES. So if I wanted to hear a BITCH (the word/someone who talks like one) I would bump short. Not a shot... just word play

that's a dis, I've got to mention

im not down to jock or not knock your pimping

Ahk out the box i box down your biscuit..

and bring Mau Mau to the proud.. brown... children

Not knock, but also Knock Knock (as in knock your bitch) a call back to the BITCH reference. Mau Mau was a Kenyan anti-colonial group who fought against British rule.


from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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