Kane Mayfield_Step Seven

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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Good Friday Flow Followers,

We are approaching the last leg of this 10 week series and I just want to reiterate that I am having a GREAT time doing it. Big Up’s, Thanks To You’s, and Jamaican gunshot noises to all the blogs, radio shows, and people showing love cause it means a lot. Dont think the show is over after the series either. THERE ARE SOME JOINTS ON THE WAY!!!!

BACKGROUND: The Rock Co-Kane beat is.. well.. CRAZY. Anything with De La Soul and DOOM is just instant “I’m a like dis shit” mix, and i would put it in everything lol. At first I was surprised not a lot of people had rapped on it until i tried it and realized WHY… you got to really GO. So I had to get all “shuckdiddy duckdiddy” all on it. Not so much deep lyrics, but entertaining.


On to the breakdown


Pick a part a flow

so people par-take in the poetry..

And crack the composition

peep the signature you know its me

First two lines is just me describing the #FMF process, and since the beat is Rock Co Kane (cocaine) “crack” the composition like I “write that crack” and also i crack the composition as in explain my lyrics. Thus peep the signature beat.

My name Kane, rain whip fire out a microphone

in…say… she bull…. i tell that bitch TORRO

i make your wife horny, my house haunted..

I’m from long id-dow … i let your girl south shore me

You know its me… peep the signature.. my “name Kane” ties in with that. I duck insatiable women (something my dad always said that ain’t make sense till I was older) broken down to insane-she-bull.. and since they are bulls i yell “torro” and duck them. I know I technically should have said olay.. but… well.. whatever. Horny like horns on a bull. And im from the south shore of long island… but … well blow jay reference.

im a peppa pot eating ras, box demons in my sleep

keep the balls on my feet and south paw dem…

i pop with no conscious…

immediately and give ya bad luck, I’m a rock

in a mirror breaking contest.

Pepper Pot is a wondrous food. One of the vast contributions Guyanese people have given the world…so eat it… with your face. I box (fight off) my demons southpaw, and thus I’m on the balls of my feet The rest of this is pretty self explanatory. The Rock.. for Co Kane Flow, but that’s about it.

im con… tent, with intention to con

with content packed in like mex-ican accords

cordial, till i your cord pulled nigga you dont talk

teddy ruxpin… i duss dem aff wit a sword

swore to be a sore ass looser

i cheat playing cards and never take a bitch to shoe shop

Again… this is pretty self explanatory. Its just strait talk. No hidden meanings here.

i don’t pop tags

nor do i brag about a gucci

and if you do then yous a bitch

that means you prolly got a coochie

Rapping about the brand of jeans and man purse you carry is only impressive to my girlfriend… and she thinks yall should be home girls. Also all yall “put it in the bag” niggas. Not that tricking is bad.. but .. wait.. what am i saying.. its bad. Stop that shit. So yeah… self explanatory.

I’m a Shearling stealing, flashback junkie

i was like 6.. but i bet you couldn’t get my coat from me

I’m a trench dumping, fence jumping

dents on 400 Lexus, yelling which one of you sexy ladies want it

For anyone who doesn’t remember Shearling coats, they were big in the 80’s and (at least to me) were always drug dealer coats. Like 8-Ball jackets, but cozier. People got GOT for em.. like GOT GOT. But I am not old enough to have really stolen ANY ONES jacket in the 80’s.. but I was a G ass baby so you wouldn’t have gotten mine either lol. And my SC 400 definitely had dents all over it.. and I still holla out the window.

Since i Arcane, bars slain cards laid effortless,

your guard way up vocab to my detriment

you may feel frightened by the heighten of the conscious stuff

but most you motherfuckers didn’t peep i said my moniker

Arcane means known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric. But also i “are Kane”. My cards laid out for you cause i admit this to you. But people who don’t want to figure out lyrics have their guard way up.. so a big vocab hinders me. You May Feel (Mayfield).. so with the “are Kane” i said my moniker.

So follow my flow got a road map tight

to fliggity flip the old school

you get the bozack…. sike

So because i know the lyrics are filled with stuff, i provide a road map (FMF). Bozack and Sike are old school terms so is the Das Effex fliggity.

i keep an open stance, overstand pegs on a bike

open hand empty deadly karate man strike

i chop nigga, 52 block nigga ducking

cause word hurt worser than punches…

I keep an open stance, like a Karate man… like always ready to get busy. Do you overstand (understand).. like someone standing on bike pegs, would over stand (stand over) the rider. Karate actually means empty hands so… yeah.. and that’s how that works. 52 Blocks is a fighting style that is just fucking awesome, and… well them niggas will kick my ass so don’t think i meant it.

so i could say the names of niggas

that done laid with niggas

in entertainment business

and you anal retentive

fockers are so sharp you couldn’t gossip bout NOTHING



from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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