Kane_Mayfield_Step Six

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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Good Friday Flow Followers,

Firstly I thank everyone who has been checking, posting, and FOLLOWING My Flow. Much obliged. We have crossed the halfway point, and are getting into the meat and potatoes ( || ) of the series. If the track sounds a little unfamiliar.. that is because it was produced (in house) by Mania Music Group. Much like the BDK Tribute at the end of Step 5 - “Revolutionary Raw”, there will be more ORIGINAL production to come.. so get ready.

BACKGROUND: The title “Blade Runner” is a call back to my first EP “Prelude To The Bladerunner” where I spun the classic Harrison Ford movie into a dope concept about “Replicators” and what needs to be done to “biters of the culture”. And its all one big analogy for me going around and rapping everywhere. Catching rappers out side venues and old school getting busy on em. This verse is in the same lane… and thus the RETURN. It addresses everything from rappers who get by w/o substance, to the ones who wont rap outside cause “they don’t freestyle for free”.


A broken sword .. with swag spray painted on it

vandalized my church , my last safe haven on this EARTH

was the booth… so i POOF another sound boy

“bitches on my dick cause i dress like a cowboy”

This is my intro… its really more imagery. I took the “blade” from blade runner, broke it, defaced it, and stabbed hip hop with it. The obvious Lil B reference.. cause… well… its funny. Other acceptable jokes, are “bitches on my dick cause i make macaroni pictures…lol.

last of rewind rappers…

So enjoy what came before, but they’ll be none after..

So while you staring at the throne….

i prepared another serum, to repair, what niggas don’t care about

the cancer on the canvass now……

This is a homage to my logo, which is a rewind button. More emphasis being put on the beat, hook, and video (cancer).. i consider myself the last of a breed. I wrote this verse in the midst of twitter going retardo over the WTT release.

So how you posed to paint pictures…

the thoughts of a prostitute don’t make scriptures...

If all we care about are superficial artist measurement sticks, how do we expect artists to give us ART? And thus if all you care about is first week numbers, and buying new shit, your probably not going to write the song that saves someones life. Your thinking like a prossy.

From the home of the Posdnuos come May Figgy

niggy K is the name respect cause they give it gimme

Take.. another take, im a stake…

they just drive me to the heart… of the monsters they hate.

Posdnuos aka Plug One from De La Soul represents Long Island (even though he is from the X.. we claim em lol) which is where i am from Amityville/Mastic. Also this is where my name came from. The respect that they give it, but i take it. Then its the another take… like another victim. And another take, like scene in a movie. And its a mistake (why we are re-shooting the scene “take”/a mistake to go for that victim) and I am a STAKE like what kills vampires.

A rival…, to whatever’s in the darkness

…an archer with a blindfold

art comes out of my heart, so i don’t wanna talk like other time zones

…i got a new york state of mind, with long island security

my boss made a bomb.

and tossed in your office, and called out a time like NOW…


A rival to everything… to an archer (play on my saggitarianism) with a blindfold everything is in darkness. Long Island security is a play like the rich long island reputation.. ie financial security. And well security … if I had it.. it would be my cousins lol.

… but since it seems like everybody scared..

a cypher outside makes everybody peers..

but the guise of big business… everybody queers

“i dont freestyle for free” cause THEY CANT


from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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