Kane Mayfield_Step Ten (Season Finale)

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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Good (and final) Friday Flow Followers,

This will conclude this particular series of Follow My Flow Fridays. I really want to thank EVERYBODY that participated, posted, commented, followed, listened, and read the posts from this series. Special shout outs go to Sermons Domain, I Heart Dilla, Why Blue Matter, 2Dopeboyz, Hip Hop Isn’t Dead, Hip Hop Reviewz, True Laurels, PNC Radio, Strictly Hip Hop 88.9, and the whole Friday Night Cartoons crew. Most importantly the owners of Mania Music Group (label that paaaaays me) for all the support, guidance, and pushing me to bring my A game to the series. Okay… so lets get to it.

BACKGROUND: Lets just get a simple definition out of the way….

Palindrome - [pal-in-drohm]

a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I’m Adam or Poor Danis in a droop.

The title “Top Spot” is another example… also because this is the last, and most complicated week of the series. Okay.. so why use em?? Because I wanted to make this something that you HAD to read to fully grasp the meaning of. Since this is the Grande Finale to the series I wanted to end it off in a grand way. So there are words and whole lines that not only have word play, but can spell the same thing if you reverse the letters. This is my Earl The Goat shit.. I wanted to do a windmill with ankle weights on. With that being said……




Words spitting faster than a race car rotor…

both spelled backwards

The Prince of the palindrome my coattails draggin…

…bitch.. get on my level….

I’m off your radar…

my mental send a message, through your melon like a seance

A Palindrome is a word (or sentence) that can be read the same way in either direction. BOTH of these verses are FULL of them. For instance, Race car & Rotor spelled backwards are still racecaR & rotoR. Same goes for leveL and radaR. A seance is a channeling of… I don’t know.. energy.. god… ghosts… whatever you believe in. Please don’t try to debate me on the spiritual goodness or badness of it.. its rap music. I said it to sound cool.

…through yo speaker..

hail… mister speaker…

use bitches for shields she’ll be shelled in her d cup

..too riggaty real, for you frail little diva’s

God saw I was dog… spelled backwards..

sentiments were squared, inverted,

yall scared, big worded, aint dumbing it down to get it crackin

So the seance is coming through your speakers (the medium), and mister speaker was the name of the pistol in Hoodlum (the movie).

God (dog) saw I was Dog (god) as in dude saw i was lyrically dope…thus inverted. Then if you take the sentence “God saw I was dog” and spell it backwards it spells the same thing… thus squared.

Dammit, I’m Mad

…. there’s another one

mechanics get eye passed,

cause the masses cant fuck with em

and I’m Tim Allen, with a pen pal an

drones get thrown out of my dome

i dont whooaa for syntax

The first line spells the same thing.. well… you get it right? (lyrical) Mechanics are what you would call a “technical rapper”, so they get looked over because most people don’t listen hard enough to get what they are saying. So yeah.. I’m mad about that dammit lol. Tim Allen stared in “Home Improvement” in which he was a really skilled (albeit crazy) mechanic. So its penpal-ing, as in im writing to you. Then its Pal and Drones as in friends and followers, but also Palindromes which is what this rhyme is heavy on. Dome as in head (on my shoulders) but also dome as in slang for a blow job. I WHOOA in lue of “pause” because a “whooooaaa” usually precedes a dynamic pause. If you dont know what pause is, try to have a conversation with any of my cousins.. nuff said lol.

The dope’s in my notes.. not the reader

but the quotes, that i cloak

first look yo wouldn’t see em

Rhymes meant to be read (red).. they born in the jungle

like tigers in my head you get mauled if i hunt you

He god dam mad dog …eh..

IMMA SPELL THAT BACKWARDS.. turn the track up for a sec

The dope (fresh lines) are in my notes (breakdown of the lines), but it could be taken as the dope (dummy) is in my notes (rhyme book). So i make the distinction. The Jungle is a prominent Blood Gang neighborhood in California. So my rhymes are meant to be read (like what your doing now hopefully). “He god dam mad dog.. eh” spelled backwards is the same.. yeah.. another one.

He becomes Eh… God turns to Dog, Dam become Mad

see the bars that i brung…

now i been doing that shit the whole damn rhyme

and you prolly didn’t catch the shit the whole damn time..

(and i dont need no hook for this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit)


A man, a plan, a canal… PANAMA

….bully… bullet… boolit…i toss Cannon balls

The whole first line can be inverted… but its also a reference to Teddy Roosevelt (the president) who took a very enthusiastic approach to the Panama Canal. “Bully” was one of his token phrases. And I’m a bully so if they toss bullets i toss cannon balls.

Me looking fi ya daughter like Santa Clause..

i got a present in my sack for her….

….. anyway… on to the riggity rap tactics

that slick n the trickity lyrics spelled backwards…

Nothing really that deep here to be honest. But I think its funny.. because its crass. I just love toilet humor.

….YAWN… Madonna fan?.. no damn way

I threaten niggas like Radames…

My shooters both coastal..

yall booty hole, show tunes…

you got not flavor.. ill put you in the air

fucking UFO Tofu..

Again… first line can be reversed to spell the same thing. But it alludes to people who dont want complicated lyrics, and how they may find this boring... they should go play "Like A Virgin" and dance in their underwear. Radames was a character from the movie Juice who for lack of better terms threatened niggas. And “UFO TOFU” can be inverted. I know…. its a lot of em. And honestly I wrote the rhyme around that one lol.

and that’s the same spelled backwards

how i do its so post move… you niggas so postal…

…you licking and sticking on the male

i just sickanin’d myself…. YUCK…

Schmuck….i be shittin on yall skills

…fuck….. stuck…..

i was getting off on that spiel ..

So they “postal” like crazy, and also like the post office. And postal like having to do with the post office, licking and sticking stamps on the mail, and yadda yadda getting gay with niggas. The “fuck.. stuck” part is when i actually realized that i had to end that quick little rhyme pattern, and is really what i said when was writing it. A spiel is a lengthy or extravagant speech (usually to persuade).

Snug & Raw…. was I ere

I saw…. raw & guns

don’t let your minds ear flip that

i war with none

step on no pets

but sit your pussy down for i stomp his tongue

Snug (Snub actually, but i pronounced it wrong for years so i never changed it) is a gun.. Raw like drugs.. was I ere (which means before) because that is all i used to rap about despite that I wasn’t a drug dealer. Ere is actually pronounced like “air” and thus the whole don’t let your minds ear flip that. Additionally the first two lines (from snug to guns) can be reversed to spell the same thing… and honestly that one was my favorite. Step On No Pets can be reversed as well.

No.. its opposition…

niggas forced to RUN.. like bitches

No sir.. …prefer prison

Its a cold world… I’m not a GZA

but I’m smarter than your average bear

fuck up a pick-a-nick

First line flips, third line flips (peep me getting lazy with the breakdown lol). The GZA is (besides one of my favorite rappers) short for The Genius. Cold world was one of his songs (one of my favorites actually) and here is an interesting tid bit.. i turned the lyrics to that song in for an English paper when I was in grade school (turning the word nigga to brother etc). My teacher was very disturbed by what she then assumed my home life was like. See… lazy has trade offs lol.

basket, bastid, plaster plastic rap

caricatures… i catch em and i bash they melon with cattle purrds..

eeeh.. prod.. I’m the god… i crush galaxies in my palm like its arm….

…a gedding you ……start flexing,

I’m not a product of no Prada its popular reflexes…

so bring a vest…. mettle rdddinging at your men’s…

till they fall like a star…. and i bring it to an end…..

And with that I will leave the last few lines for whoever is interested in breaking it down… hit me on twitter @KaneMayfield if you want to let me know what you found. I LOVE lyrics and truly appreciate you taking the time to read mine.



from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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