Kane Mayfield_Step Two

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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And thus we begin our second week of my 10 week series. If this is your first time seeing it, what i do is take a verse and break down all of the hidden meaning, double entendre, word play and all that jazz. I would SKRONGLY (yeah… cause that’s how i spell it when i mean it) RECCOMMEND that you listen to the verse FIRST. And then go along with it reading and what not. Someone asked me if i forgot to break down the last few lines.. the answer is NO. I leave the last few lines for you to figure out if you are so inclined.

BACKGROUND: This verse is one big exercise in contradiction. Left is right, which doubles for wright and leads to wrong and all that cool jazz. Its gonna be one big game of verbal 3 Card Monte. Back and forth contradicting myself. Cause.. well.. I do it in real life lol.


Everything will be what it is…

…and if it isn’t, then it really ain’t different then i said.

Observe my write to be wrong…

Starting off with some irony.. if everything is going to be what is will be, then whatever it will be is the correct answer. You are never wrong. So observe the contradiction, or my “writings wrong”.

absurd as knife’s that’s brought to gun fights each song

is contradicting the other

i don’t make no distinction when flowin

at times I’m more nigga than poet..

Songs about love, and songs about killing. Songs like “Party In Your Face” and songs like “Wreck” or “Freedom Fighter” I made em’ all.

i can paint a picture… Van Gogh it…

..then scream fuck yall.. and ill spraypaint over it

is he coo coo…. I’m an artist…

loose screws are falling in my soup when I mangia

Van Gough (who was also known for being coo coo) painted a lot of beautiful landscapes and shit like that. Graph.. while art is predominantly the opposite (at least to me). If you even try to debate the works of Vincent Van Gogh or validity of graffiti as an art form i will shoot you with a potato gun. Oh, and “mangia” is Italian for eat fyi.

triscadecaphobia, but me and marquise roll hard

to just show you how far i reach

and that line… only made sense

to a couple dozen peeps

you aint figure it out no beef

Triscadecaphobia is a fear of the number 13. My man (and pretty famous poet) 13 Of Nazareth’s real name is Marquis Mix. So i fear the number 13’s bad luck, but roll with a dude named 13. That was an example of how “far” I reach but coincidentally that line only makes sense if you know him, know that i know him, and know the definition of triscadecaphobia. So that’s not very far at all. Oh yeah… #namedrop lol.

or i could start spazzing, blacking

bones breach through your skin

off a glimpse of my third eye secret

but thats more work…. and I’m chiefin..

pay me and ill burn hot flames out the ink pen

Realizing that this is mostly non-complex stuff, I mention that this can get deeper.. but not today. Its the verbal equivalent of moving the cards real fast.

..i aint tough to get along…

and if she got big tits, and can cup a nigga balls

and your daddy aint shit, so you be tellin niggas off

that’s NICE….

let choo rock a teddy and a thong…

No explanation… i really like these things. They are awesome.

i make nice omelette… egg headed and obnoxious

and Yellow Ledbetter is the BOMB bitch

never sold nothin,

but friend to the dope boys

….cause i can write they life….. im so Goines

I actually do make amazing omelets… like life changing, but this is more “stuff i like”. It all adds up to Yellow Ledbetter (a pearl jam song) that the lyrics either are unclear or make no sense. Its just randomness. Much as the preceding lines. Stopping a verse to list shit i like is the closest I can get to that. Point is.. you can have a dope joint without saying anything out of this world or meaningful. Eggs, and big titty bitches. Oh and Donald Goines .. if you dont know who that is google him.

So i could flow better…

jusssssst better than the bullshit

you hear on the radio…. with no ploy

Contradiction, cause that is a ploy.. hearkening to the whole surge of “I’m not a dope dealer.. you should like it cause it aint negative”.

no big beef or legend of coke wars

or bullets hitting my abdomen or rap about ballin

i show you what it is…

if it aint what i said…

than it is what i meant

and for a rapper that’s gorgeous

…..and some say flawless



from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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