Kane Mayfield_Step Three

from Follow MY Flow by Kane Mayfield

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Good Friday Flow Followers,

So we begin the THIRD week of Follow My Flow, I want to thank everybody who has posted, commented, listened, and took the time to listen to these joints. I am still running around just rapping my ass off, doing shows, and just having the time of my life. But enough about me.. lol

BACKGROUND: Baja Blast stemmed from a conversation I had with my homeboy that how FMF is one of those things you will ONLY get from me. Like Baja Blast soda… you can only get it from Taco Bell.. which is pretty fucked up considering how absolutely awesome it is. So instead of writing a letter to them, I decided to give you the kind of bars you will only get from one place… Kane Mayfied. Looking into my cup the iceburg/glacier line hit me and the rest is history..

But enough of my BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE… on to the breakdown…

My competition a cry…. baby OOOOH

indebetd to my genetics my weapon a leave you froze

…get it… cryogenics….

So its like they are crybabies, and they cry “Baby O” like little O (O being my big brother), and its like Cry-O-Genics. Indebted to my genetics (as in my big brother) who.. well lets just say he pulled weapons out lol.


whoever listens with lyrics that broke BOATS

Im a glacier… sunk titanics i dont chase them..

pride pushing dumb ass niggas into my face then

We all know the story of the Titanic.. they had mad ego about the “unsinkable ship” and it got sunk by something stitting relatively still. They hit an iceburg.. but im bigger than that.. im a GLACIER. So their pride pushed them into something that killed them… similarly…. well… you get it.


Batman comics, i dont got alot of single-TRACKS

…follow… i drop a lot a tings you catch…


So i provide a hotta road map

To my nemesis, get up-up of the feather shit

I’m Deep, but I’m street like a six time fealon-in

predesposed to just GO like watermelon and melonin

quarter sellers and veteran dreams, so dont meddle with em…

I always loved how Batman ran through peoples goons with little to no effort. The only part of this that aint really simple is the Watermelon and Melonin are how black people are supposedly genetically predespoed (genetics again) to loving some watery melons and shit. Predeposed to just GO (like rap) and GO like go well together. And quater sellers (of whatever drug your mind defaults to) and veteran dreams. We all know small time hustlers who think they Escobar and that is funny.. at least to me.

… i only grab keys from a mayor

it open your city wide up for the slayin

This ties in to the quarter sellers.. I DONT.. but if i did I would never discuss crime with any of them niggas. So I say I only grab keys from a Mayor. Too many people are police… yeah… i said it. … i okeedoke niggas LIINe UP on the pavement..

thinking you got a fan, you know i gotta demand


tail tucked in your puss,

This is essentially what i do in all honesty. ACCOUNTABLILITY. If you say you rap and you kill err thang and body beats and all that jazz, you should be able to spit something. So i hit em with the “lemme hear something” usually since they may not even know i rap they will think im a fan of they shit. Once i spit all that goes away.. sometimes lol.

the otherside of the board with a slant… im …rook

….kee killa, each syllable..

hit harder than radio jams they all mush…

… E niggas tweet bickering…

mobbing singin nikki minaj they all bush…

So its a chess reference that is broken in half for a triple meaning. I hit you from the other side of the board (unexpectantly) and move on a slant like a Bishop taking a rook. The slant being my approach, but I’m Rook-key like rookie killer, and Im a rook killer (chess), but you “key killers” (like they killing it with the keys and all that) my shit hits harder then your sappy radio love jams. Its soft like mush, but they are Mushey. But also its E (online) Niggas who twitter and fb beef but then post how they NP: some real unmanly shit. You cant be tough singing poppy songs.. im sorry.. #manlaw. They bush.. like pussy. But that was big in the 70’s and all points before. So ..you OLD pussy, and ole pussy. R.I.P to Pimp C, cause nobody said “ole pussy niggas” and made it sound cooler than him. WORD!!!

…ole pussy niggas, you illiterate

im a leather bound BOOK to niggas….

with no pictures….

and little ass fonts….

no gimmicks… but you kissing my hand im carde blanch.



from Follow MY Flow, released August 19, 2011


all rights reserved



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