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****WARNING**** This is for followers of true word craft in its purest form. THIS is for hip hop lovers who love raw content. You will not hear shit about a Gucci belt. You have been warned . . . . . . . Good Friday Flow Followers, This is usually the part where i thank everyone for following and keeping up with me and i tell you about recent shows and so forth… then i remembered that a lot of yall are just meeting me so lets cut to the meat and potato’s ( || ). What FMF Fridays is, is a verse, sometimes freestyle and other times from a song. I break down all of the metaphors, hidden meaning, double and triple entendre and really just all the fun lyrical stuff. I have been doing this for a little over a year on both my FB, Twitter, Tumblr and so forth and the response has been great. But just to be honest, this is made for people who like breaking down LYRICS. BACKGROUND: This was the first verse i wrote for this series This is over the old Onyx “Walk In New York” instrumental. It made me feel like just tearing up some shit, and rough housing in my living room. So I just decided to put a nice creative blend of doubles triples, and some basic wordplay shit. This should establish a nice benchmark for the next 9 FMF’s. ENOUGH OF MY BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE… On to the break dow ***FOLLOW MY FLOW*** ************************************************************ ************************************************************ Make way for the wake……. of the folks that’s left in my boats motor understand I’m the middle of the ocean.. you dip your little toe… you think the waters too cold, when i spit choo niggas fro-ZEN Like tai chi blow outs… Since its the first lines of my first verse I figured I would start off with a triple entendre. Make way for the WAKE.. like, I’m “awake” so make way for me. Then its make way for the WAKE like a funeral for the people who got caught in my boats motor. Then its make way for the WAKE like behind a boat.. which is the “disturbed flow” of water, cause your following my flow. Also your FROZEN from the cold water, but also aFRO (blowout) and Zen (Tai Chi) be-HIND thee, slick enough to slide grease High knee dug out… …in other words put my foot up in that ass, like a wedgie and my pedigree, is kill em with a mask So its like behind you (thee) like the other side of you. And its like behind like and ass (so your “thee” ass). Then its HIGH KNEE.. like my foot in your ass up to my knee. Then its like HINEY… like.. an ass. Im Jason, Mike Myers, Point Break in a bank point blank with the ink, no oink taking the case toys paint, till yo pain run all ape on the page get yo book of life closed… My foes resting in… POWER… Its just two horror movie characters that wear masks, then Point Break in the bank when they had the presidents masks. No cops (oink) taking the case if toys (guns) paint till your ink (blood) and your book of life and yadda yadda. Nothing too too complicated. ….when flows rip em to pieces throw bows hitting my knees cause this bloak tall as a TOWER.. Like .. “yo you see my sun killin”… The home of the Giants with the fee fi fum nigga The boom bring the silence and the triage dumb niggas a see god… rush em through the ER.. Its NY wordplay. I’m tall as a (twin) Tower, then its like “you see him killin” cause the towers falling killed people (yeah tasteless.. but sometimes I’m tasteless). Home of the Giants (NY) then the Fee Fi Fum was the Jack And The Beanstalk giant. fuck em sun, I suffers no peon Gladly… Wack MC’s ask for me my 16′s Sistine masterpiece Burn like Listerine you spit free after me my words too vividly afflict-TING CASUALTY My sixteen bars being compared to the Sistine chapel if they compared to your freestyle. Still not sure why people try to ask for someone to spit… get bodies and hide behind the whole “well I’m free styling” thing. Had about enough of that. ….Get your pen game broken in half learn division for you cope with my math. YOU GET BACK….. rough enough to vote for the draft… My shit SPACK… Pendous STEW… tacular I’m old school rocking leather medallions of Africa with boat shoes, and blue ground effects on a Maxima The pen game thing relates backwards to the freestyle vs written thing. Rough enough to vote for the draft like “rough draft” and I’m ROUGH like voting for the US Draft. The rest of this is a math meta. Learn how to break stuff down (division) before you can peep what I’m dropping. And when i thought about it all i could remember is 8th grade math (fucking integers or some shit) so i wrote it like this knowing yall would get to see it. Spack x Pendous_ Stew Tacular i blew down your best… (||) fricassee your dog like a carryout and drew down on vets… you know bring the mack to em…. Give daps, crack jokes, and spat verses to slap that ass stupid Saying pause… yeah… yall know what that is, whats funny is i ain’t say anything for that whole foot in the ass thing. So lyrically i blew (rapped) down your best, not to be confused with blowing anyone lol. Cook your dog (friend) in conjunction with how supposedly “Chinese carry outs cook and serve dog”. Drew down (faced off..”drew guns”) on vets, and Drew Down (the rapper) who was a Mack-like veteran rapper. So i brought the Mack (Mac-10 firearm) to em. I’m a problem…. rapping like “you asked me to do this” you a mars run… I’m fresh enough they ask me to Joop it.. Tur (tear).. perturb.. little girls when i stert smirking call em bitches just to slow that down like i serve syrup Mars being a shorter distance than Jupiter, but I’m fresh.. like Joop. So i broke it in half and made “Jupit” into Joop It, and “ter” into turr like tear. And i slow down their sentiments like i gave them lean to drink. Which i would… cause that sounds awesome. you know… you a purse snatch.. perpetrating burglary. I ethnic cleanse till the streets a run burgundy the best of friends fist fight over my verses deep…. depth… one nigga say I’m a poet, and I’m smoking just laughing up on the steps while they bleed over which freestyle compares best. Oh you got some blog comments ha?… yea that’s cute…. and you been rapping all this time That’s croosh…. cause I’d a had to draw that line Screaming CUT ME A CHECK FOR I CUT ME A NECK my veins don’t pump ice and ain’t no drug dealer rep so if they fuck with my shit… it must be… RESPECT!!! THE END.
And thus we begin our second week of my 10 week series. If this is your first time seeing it, what i do is take a verse and break down all of the hidden meaning, double entendre, word play and all that jazz. I would SKRONGLY (yeah… cause that’s how i spell it when i mean it) RECCOMMEND that you listen to the verse FIRST. And then go along with it reading and what not. Someone asked me if i forgot to break down the last few lines.. the answer is NO. I leave the last few lines for you to figure out if you are so inclined. BACKGROUND: This verse is one big exercise in contradiction. Left is right, which doubles for wright and leads to wrong and all that cool jazz. Its gonna be one big game of verbal 3 Card Monte. Back and forth contradicting myself. Cause.. well.. I do it in real life lol. ENOUGH OF MY BLABBERING BLATHERSKITE… on to the breakdown. Everything will be what it is… …and if it isn’t, then it really ain’t different then i said. Observe my write to be wrong… Starting off with some irony.. if everything is going to be what is will be, then whatever it will be is the correct answer. You are never wrong. So observe the contradiction, or my “writings wrong”. absurd as knife’s that’s brought to gun fights each song is contradicting the other i don’t make no distinction when flowin at times I’m more nigga than poet.. Songs about love, and songs about killing. Songs like “Party In Your Face” and songs like “Wreck” or “Freedom Fighter” I made em’ all. i can paint a picture… Van Gogh it… ..then scream fuck yall.. and ill spraypaint over it is he coo coo…. I’m an artist… loose screws are falling in my soup when I mangia Van Gough (who was also known for being coo coo) painted a lot of beautiful landscapes and shit like that. Graph.. while art is predominantly the opposite (at least to me). If you even try to debate the works of Vincent Van Gogh or validity of graffiti as an art form i will shoot you with a potato gun. Oh, and “mangia” is Italian for eat fyi. triscadecaphobia, but me and marquise roll hard to just show you how far i reach and that line… only made sense to a couple dozen peeps you aint figure it out no beef Triscadecaphobia is a fear of the number 13. My man (and pretty famous poet) 13 Of Nazareth’s real name is Marquis Mix. So i fear the number 13’s bad luck, but roll with a dude named 13. That was an example of how “far” I reach but coincidentally that line only makes sense if you know him, know that i know him, and know the definition of triscadecaphobia. So that’s not very far at all. Oh yeah… #namedrop lol. or i could start spazzing, blacking bones breach through your skin off a glimpse of my third eye secret but thats more work…. and I’m chiefin.. pay me and ill burn hot flames out the ink pen Realizing that this is mostly non-complex stuff, I mention that this can get deeper.. but not today. Its the verbal equivalent of moving the cards real fast. ..i aint tough to get along… and if she got big tits, and can cup a nigga balls and your daddy aint shit, so you be tellin niggas off that’s NICE…. let choo rock a teddy and a thong… No explanation… i really like these things. They are awesome. i make nice omelette… egg headed and obnoxious and Yellow Ledbetter is the BOMB bitch never sold nothin, but friend to the dope boys ….cause i can write they life….. im so Goines I actually do make amazing omelets… like life changing, but this is more “stuff i like”. It all adds up to Yellow Ledbetter (a pearl jam song) that the lyrics either are unclear or make no sense. Its just randomness. Much as the preceding lines. Stopping a verse to list shit i like is the closest I can get to that. Point is.. you can have a dope joint without saying anything out of this world or meaningful. Eggs, and big titty bitches. Oh and Donald Goines .. if you dont know who that is google him. So i could flow better… jusssssst better than the bullshit you hear on the radio…. with no ploy Contradiction, cause that is a ploy.. hearkening to the whole surge of “I’m not a dope dealer.. you should like it cause it aint negative”. no big beef or legend of coke wars or bullets hitting my abdomen or rap about ballin i show you what it is… if it aint what i said… than it is what i meant and for a rapper that’s gorgeous …..and some say flawless THE END:
Good Friday Flow Followers, So we begin the THIRD week of Follow My Flow, I want to thank everybody who has posted, commented, listened, and took the time to listen to these joints. I am still running around just rapping my ass off, doing shows, and just having the time of my life. But enough about me.. lol BACKGROUND: Baja Blast stemmed from a conversation I had with my homeboy that how FMF is one of those things you will ONLY get from me. Like Baja Blast soda… you can only get it from Taco Bell.. which is pretty fucked up considering how absolutely awesome it is. So instead of writing a letter to them, I decided to give you the kind of bars you will only get from one place… Kane Mayfied. Looking into my cup the iceburg/glacier line hit me and the rest is history.. But enough of my BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE… on to the breakdown… My competition a cry…. baby OOOOH indebetd to my genetics my weapon a leave you froze …get it… cryogenics…. So its like they are crybabies, and they cry “Baby O” like little O (O being my big brother), and its like Cry-O-Genics. Indebted to my genetics (as in my big brother) who.. well lets just say he pulled weapons out lol. supply…. whoever listens with lyrics that broke BOATS Im a glacier… sunk titanics i dont chase them.. pride pushing dumb ass niggas into my face then We all know the story of the Titanic.. they had mad ego about the “unsinkable ship” and it got sunk by something stitting relatively still. They hit an iceburg.. but im bigger than that.. im a GLACIER. So their pride pushed them into something that killed them… similarly…. well… you get it. BING, BOOM, ZAAAP…. Batman comics, i dont got alot of single-TRACKS …follow… i drop a lot a tings you catch… NEVER… So i provide a hotta road map To my nemesis, get up-up of the feather shit I’m Deep, but I’m street like a six time fealon-in predesposed to just GO like watermelon and melonin quarter sellers and veteran dreams, so dont meddle with em… I always loved how Batman ran through peoples goons with little to no effort. The only part of this that aint really simple is the Watermelon and Melonin are how black people are supposedly genetically predespoed (genetics again) to loving some watery melons and shit. Predeposed to just GO (like rap) and GO like go well together. And quater sellers (of whatever drug your mind defaults to) and veteran dreams. We all know small time hustlers who think they Escobar and that is funny.. at least to me. … i only grab keys from a mayor it open your city wide up for the slayin This ties in to the quarter sellers.. I DONT.. but if i did I would never discuss crime with any of them niggas. So I say I only grab keys from a Mayor. Too many people are police… yeah… i said it. … i okeedoke niggas LIINe UP on the pavement.. thinking you got a fan, you know i gotta demand LEMME HEAR SOMETHING… tail tucked in your puss, This is essentially what i do in all honesty. ACCOUNTABLILITY. If you say you rap and you kill err thang and body beats and all that jazz, you should be able to spit something. So i hit em with the “lemme hear something” usually since they may not even know i rap they will think im a fan of they shit. Once i spit all that goes away.. sometimes lol. the otherside of the board with a slant… im …rook ….kee killa, each syllable.. hit harder than radio jams they all mush… … E niggas tweet bickering… mobbing singin nikki minaj they all bush… So its a chess reference that is broken in half for a triple meaning. I hit you from the other side of the board (unexpectantly) and move on a slant like a Bishop taking a rook. The slant being my approach, but I’m Rook-key like rookie killer, and Im a rook killer (chess), but you “key killers” (like they killing it with the keys and all that) my shit hits harder then your sappy radio love jams. Its soft like mush, but they are Mushey. But also its E (online) Niggas who twitter and fb beef but then post how they NP: some real unmanly shit. You cant be tough singing poppy songs.. im sorry.. #manlaw. They bush.. like pussy. But that was big in the 70’s and all points before. So OLD pussy, and ole pussy. R.I.P to Pimp C, cause nobody said “ole pussy niggas” and made it sound cooler than him. WORD!!! …ole pussy niggas, you illiterate im a leather bound BOOK to niggas…. with no pictures…. and little ass fonts…. no gimmicks… but you kissing my hand im carde blanch. THE END:
Good Friday Flow Followers, As ALWAYS… THANK YOU for checking out the series, commenting, re-tweeting, posting, and sharing. We have reached WEEK FOUR… so i was gonna do this whole thing about what im Weak For, but its hard to rhyme shit with Chuck Norris. So lets have a little bit of fun. Chances are you just tried to rhyme something with that in your head, but that’s cool lol. BACKGROUND: The first thing I thought when i heard this beat was when it came on in the club and I was just getting my life. So I just decided to lyrically dance on it, because this is not the big camouflage pants series.. its Follow My Flow. Keeping it interesting and fun is what I am all about… so lets get busy. Enough of my BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE… on to the breakdown ======================================================== Lyrically, I’m a nighttime vulture….. to corny MC’s And now i REM dream with my eyes wide open. For those who remember Hell On Earth the reference is clear.. which is funny to ref considering the beat. But long story short, I am their nightmare because/while I am simultaneously watching my dreams come true Turnstile jumping… with doze and yos, and now i o-dose the coast till I’m heard round London Fab said keep on, you got a good spirit.. … Ras Kass told me anybody can get it Craig G, told Brother J “that nigga can spit” and i was high at the time.. jumped off the building This happened… they were there… and the next morning i got an email from my uk peeps that said they love my new stuff. Everybody else actually said that, and they are some of my best hip hop moments. Shout out to @mistahfab @RasKass @MC_Craig_G @dozespecialz & @yosdyd (couldn’t find Brother J’s twitter so if you see it holla at me). And shout out to anybody that ever jumped a turnstile lol. That never gets old. ….point being.. a dis aint appointed, if you feel anointed squeaked wheels are greasing…. Squeaky wheels get the grease and things people say to you wont matter (or disappoint you) if you have self confidence and feel “appointed” to do what your doing. Few things gave me more confidence then people whom I respected and grew up listening to saying “yo.. you nice”. …let my balls hang like I’m college dorm streaking …”your my boooy blueeeeee”…. well lets begin.. …I started this verse off confusing… to deter the ree-tah-turds (retards) who just loose it My boy said dumb it down kid its just music I said smarten up nigga I’m moving… Self explanatory.. well… yeah. Oh and i actually am MOVING. That part was one of those “makes sense to people who know me” things. ….and at the pace i travel substance packed in, the canines rattled tripping over my thoughts, conflicted over the bars fuck a subject matter, I black & I just LOOSE IT So pace like speed of my career, and pace of my content. Substance packed in like drug smugglers, and substantive lyrics packed into a few lines. Your dogs (friends) are shook, but the drug dogs and the drug ref.. and ahhh you get it lol. Tripping (like taking trips.. drugs again) and bugging over my thoughts, conflicted over the bars (jail for the drugs again) and my rhymes. …. cause if a fish…got…. scales ….and rhymes about the …pitched…rock…sells the time on the wrist watch yells, and its TICKING LIKE THIS get this shit locked down All that tying into drug rap, and its profitability. Meanwhile time is ticking and the whole “get your career off the ground” thing is lingering. A throwback to that “biological clock is TICKIN LIKE DIS” from My Cousin Vinny. A lot of artists got the same thing, but its like “I got to be xyz by the time im 25 or it aint gonna happen”. `tout schweet… rhymes about the cars and bars a facade i loose sleep my rewind flow like a C.I nose… its diggin into your business yall niggas ah too beach.. Loosing sleep, the equivalent to being “awake” or “conscious”. My rewind flow (check the logo) is like a C.I. (confidential informant) to drug raps. My flow is digging into your business, like your ass.. yeah .. ( || ) or whatever. The same way a C.I digs into your business if you hustling. Your too BEACH (like bitch) …salty… and fading away.. you loose ground by the minute, I’m a ground like coffee… let the flow run through me… and wake yo ass up my nigga like GOOD MORNING… Beaches (bitches) salty, from the water but also like bitter emotionally. Fading away like erosion and because personally I think people are getting tired of all the big bricks you obviously are not selling. You your loosing ground like being grounded, and i for lack of better terms AM the ground cause I am not . Flow running through me.. like coffee.. all my coffee drinkers know what that’s about lol. selling soul for the cheap…. i suck a shotgun, for this business coupon me. I hit the road like the beat… smash it, put my foot in its ass and go jogging … so i could kick dat sheeeet…. One brown foot like a mis-matched kick… dumb down like puss, i could flip that script punch drunk, bet your sober enough to BACK OFF ME THE END:
Good Friday Flow Followers, This marks the HALFWAY POINT of Follow My Flow Fridays. Ten weeks.. Ten Joints… and this week i figured we would kick it up a notch. So after the FMF there is a special GUEST APPEARANCE so after the first joint stay tuned for the bonus track. Once again, thank you to everyone that POSTS, LISTENS, and COMMENTS on the series, it means a lot. BACKGROUND: I have done pop records, east coast classics, and some just dope records… so i figured lets go Down South for the halfway point. So I figured I would do my own “…think I’m Big Meech” type shit on it. But… you know… it has to be some next shit. The fact that its called Revolutionary Raw.. is kind of a play on the ending. I mention a lot of revolutionary figures and then get RAW. BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLABBERING BLATHERSKITE… on to the breakdown. dont act like niggas aint told you…. book schmarts.. im so school… betta learn the game, before i cirque du soleil your click drag em out like pro tools Simple Simon.. its an intro.. but Cirque Du Soleil is a travelling circus that has very bendable chicks in spandex.. so its like yeah, don’t get “bent up” and dragged out (same thing). filibuster… with heat.. talk is too cheap and you still a customer …make dollars in every parish i manage to balance to balance the vocab like the Soledad Brother Its a double entendre, to “filibuster” which is a part of parliamentary procedures in which you can extend a debate.. and thus “talk being too cheap”. Then its “fill a buster” as in with heat. Then its the EPMD reference where “Your A Customer” is one of their songs, and Parish Making Dollars was PMD. Soledad Brothers is a book that YOU ALL need to read.. no really.. go do that now. Then see what i mean when i balance the vocab (and metaphors about parliamentary procedure) with the ways Soledad Brothers. Suh….suicide…. …. and i aint talking bout doors but i want to paint it black, im a revolutionary so i ..stash…glocks… Because its a big down south trap swangin beat, the suicide doors part flys by pretty quickly. The Doors did my favorite cover to a Rolling Stone song called “Paint It Black”, but I want to paint it black cause I’m a revolutionary ieRevolutionary Suicide which is the book by Huey P Newton (founder of the Black Panther Party) again with the black literature. Black Panthers staying armed.. glocks in the floor.. yeah.. makes sense. know the pad got a padlock come if you want if i wave twin deuce i ..aint..chucking the four.. renegade been loose, trigga bang den poof you would think Bamboo was dusting you off Chucking the four being two peace signs, connecting to the whole black panther thing is the only non-surface item with one exception. If you saw the 90’s Cult Classic “Strapped” Bamboo (Fredro Starr) was a gun runner, which was a nice cap on all that gun talk. Get it.. cap.. HAHHAHA i kill me.. and you apparently ….I think im Colin Ferg….gus sin i defend myself… ….I think my momma woord (worried)… gave a hug, Boy yo what indat belt same one that she beat me with, i had a secret in, so the word is out… so nervous thinking im gonna murder niggas said im just like my dad but that’s word of mouth I just thought that would be funny… I love long island references. Colin Ferguson was the Jamaican guy who shot up the long island Rail Road in the 90’s. He also went on to defend himself in court, going so far as to ask people “did you see me shoot you… no you didn’t”. So that and the whole “word of mouth” thing cause i did not meet my dad until later in life. I knew the secrets to the fortune and the fame as a broker i could soak whoever walked into my bank Lying had me wired, i absorbed it in my veins but im cautious letting horses out the fortress of my face got a moat full of jokes and my archers aaaaiiiimmmmmm out the windows to the soul… dead bodies on my lawn, but i say its Halloween numb skull still stuck on my doe I was a Stockbroker.. i will occasionally reference this.. the fortress of my face with the moat, and archers, bodies on the lawn, and (numb)Skull stuck on my door (doe) is one big metaphor for my personality being a castle. Its more imagery.. windows to the soul being my eyes and such. Also i mentioned the money and moved on but a numb skull is still “stuck on my doe” what you make, what you take, can you get any moe if you want a good tip bitch look at my jawn when i lived that life, if i said price you would scratch yo lice relizing you broke This is just an unfortunate truth. I get a phone call every so often with someone asking me for stock advice or some dumb shit. But when i “lived that life” i would only take investors with 250k to play with MINIMUM. Its not cause imG.. its the law.. but none the less funny, and punchline worthy.… got a natural.. bambazi.. i die gree D.. ess …. yess… i wreck… i think im Ivan Boesky …my boss points, and i raid yo shit with a ball point yall day glow niggas better lay low, less you wanna cup my stick like a ball joint I am actually paranoid as shit when i smoke.. but since i got a natural high (bambazi) im just p-noid. Then its a broken pattern of “I Digress” and “I DieGreediest”. Ivan Boesky was a HUGE investor… like the kind that scared people. I can go into the whole meaning of that “raid your shit if my boss points” thing, but lest just call him a Wall Street hit man (legally of course) and leave it at that. Its also a call back to that whole “I think im Big Meech” thing but with a tie to my own history. The guy almost RAIDED Revlon in the 80’s.. he was a beast. ….no groupie coochie trap me… ….no moolie coogie tacky …. yall bourgeoisie booty bandits, goofy dressing sue me faggy Rapping like this is fun and i will dive on an opportunity to do it every time. I be that ooh wee baggy…. to the Reg…. N-O, U larr I jars the bars, yall niggas shake thats a double entiddan no not in my car I JARS the bars as in my shit is in a jar and yours is regular, or a JARS like a to unsettle and shake. Yall niggas SHAKE like bad weed, or shake like .. well.. from jarring. Neither of which can be in my car.. bad weed or bad rap music. And thus the double entiddan. The Ohh Wee baggy (bag of great weed) to the Reg N-O (oregano) Reg-U-Lar(regular brown weed) Every record i spit on, i make it drakkar new arr tis GIT ON my level it starts when i beat the streat, and spit heat i part the red see, you arse you just queefed IM RAW… nigga I spit on it, and make it fresher like Drakkar Noir cologne (which for the record it stank….. but works for a punchline) then the Noir is bent to make New-Ar-Tis. I am RAW… (enter special guest)
Good Friday Flow Followers, Firstly I thank everyone who has been checking, posting, and FOLLOWING My Flow. Much obliged. We have crossed the halfway point, and are getting into the meat and potatoes ( || ) of the series. If the track sounds a little unfamiliar.. that is because it was produced (in house) by Mania Music Group. Much like the BDK Tribute at the end of Step 5 - “Revolutionary Raw”, there will be more ORIGINAL production to come.. so get ready. BACKGROUND: The title “Blade Runner” is a call back to my first EP “Prelude To The Bladerunner” where I spun the classic Harrison Ford movie into a dope concept about “Replicators” and what needs to be done to “biters of the culture”. And its all one big analogy for me going around and rapping everywhere. Catching rappers out side venues and old school getting busy on em. This verse is in the same lane… and thus the RETURN. It addresses everything from rappers who get by w/o substance, to the ones who wont rap outside cause “they don’t freestyle for free”. But enough BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE…. ON TO THE BREAKDOWN A broken sword .. with swag spray painted on it vandalized my church , my last safe haven on this EARTH was the booth… so i POOF another sound boy “bitches on my dick cause i dress like a cowboy” This is my intro… its really more imagery. I took the “blade” from blade runner, broke it, defaced it, and stabbed hip hop with it. The obvious Lil B reference.. cause… well… its funny. Other acceptable jokes, are “bitches on my dick cause i make macaroni pictures…lol. last of rewind rappers… So enjoy what came before, but they’ll be none after.. So while you staring at the throne…. i prepared another serum, to repair, what niggas don’t care about the cancer on the canvass now…… This is a homage to my logo, which is a rewind button. More emphasis being put on the beat, hook, and video (cancer).. i consider myself the last of a breed. I wrote this verse in the midst of twitter going retardo over the WTT release. So how you posed to paint pictures… the thoughts of a prostitute don’t make scriptures... If all we care about are superficial artist measurement sticks, how do we expect artists to give us ART? And thus if all you care about is first week numbers, and buying new shit, your probably not going to write the song that saves someones life. Your thinking like a prossy. From the home of the Posdnuos come May Figgy niggy K is the name respect cause they give it gimme Take.. another take, im a stake… they just drive me to the heart… of the monsters they hate. Posdnuos aka Plug One from De La Soul represents Long Island (even though he is from the X.. we claim em lol) which is where i am from Amityville/Mastic. Also this is where my name came from. The respect that they give it, but i take it. Then its the another take… like another victim. And another take, like scene in a movie. And its a mistake (why we are re-shooting the scene “take”/a mistake to go for that victim) and I am a STAKE like what kills vampires. A rival…, to whatever’s in the darkness …an archer with a blindfold art comes out of my heart, so i don’t wanna talk like other time zones …i got a new york state of mind, with long island security my boss made a bomb. and tossed in your office, and called out a time like NOW… So…. BLAW A rival to everything… to an archer (play on my saggitarianism) with a blindfold everything is in darkness. Long Island security is a play like the rich long island reputation.. ie financial security. And well security … if I had it.. it would be my cousins lol. … but since it seems like everybody scared.. a cypher outside makes everybody peers.. but the guise of big business… everybody queers “i dont freestyle for free” cause THEY CANT
Good Friday Flow Followers, We are approaching the last leg of this 10 week series and I just want to reiterate that I am having a GREAT time doing it. Big Up’s, Thanks To You’s, and Jamaican gunshot noises to all the blogs, radio shows, and people showing love cause it means a lot. Dont think the show is over after the series either. THERE ARE SOME JOINTS ON THE WAY!!!! BACKGROUND: The Rock Co-Kane beat is.. well.. CRAZY. Anything with De La Soul and DOOM is just instant “I’m a like dis shit” mix, and i would put it in everything lol. At first I was surprised not a lot of people had rapped on it until i tried it and realized WHY… you got to really GO. So I had to get all “shuckdiddy duckdiddy” all on it. Not so much deep lyrics, but entertaining. But enough of my BLABBERING BLATHERSKITE…. On to the breakdown =============================== Pick a part a flow so people par-take in the poetry.. And crack the composition peep the signature you know its me First two lines is just me describing the #FMF process, and since the beat is Rock Co Kane (cocaine) “crack” the composition like I “write that crack” and also i crack the composition as in explain my lyrics. Thus peep the signature beat. My name Kane, rain whip fire out a microphone in…say… she bull…. i tell that bitch TORRO i make your wife horny, my house haunted.. I’m from long id-dow … i let your girl south shore me You know its me… peep the signature.. my “name Kane” ties in with that. I duck insatiable women (something my dad always said that ain’t make sense till I was older) broken down to insane-she-bull.. and since they are bulls i yell “torro” and duck them. I know I technically should have said olay.. but… well.. whatever. Horny like horns on a bull. And im from the south shore of long island… but … well blow jay reference. im a peppa pot eating ras, box demons in my sleep keep the balls on my feet and south paw dem… i pop with no conscious… immediately and give ya bad luck, I’m a rock in a mirror breaking contest. Pepper Pot is a wondrous food. One of the vast contributions Guyanese people have given the world…so eat it… with your face. I box (fight off) my demons southpaw, and thus I’m on the balls of my feet The rest of this is pretty self explanatory. The Rock.. for Co Kane Flow, but that’s about it. im con… tent, with intention to con with content packed in like mex-ican accords cordial, till i your cord pulled nigga you dont talk teddy ruxpin… i duss dem aff wit a sword swore to be a sore ass looser i cheat playing cards and never take a bitch to shoe shop Again… this is pretty self explanatory. Its just strait talk. No hidden meanings here. i don’t pop tags nor do i brag about a gucci and if you do then yous a bitch that means you prolly got a coochie Rapping about the brand of jeans and man purse you carry is only impressive to my girlfriend… and she thinks yall should be home girls. Also all yall “put it in the bag” niggas. Not that tricking is bad.. but .. wait.. what am i saying.. its bad. Stop that shit. So yeah… self explanatory. I’m a Shearling stealing, flashback junkie i was like 6.. but i bet you couldn’t get my coat from me I’m a trench dumping, fence jumping dents on 400 Lexus, yelling which one of you sexy ladies want it For anyone who doesn’t remember Shearling coats, they were big in the 80’s and (at least to me) were always drug dealer coats. Like 8-Ball jackets, but cozier. People got GOT for em.. like GOT GOT. But I am not old enough to have really stolen ANY ONES jacket in the 80’s.. but I was a G ass baby so you wouldn’t have gotten mine either lol. And my SC 400 definitely had dents all over it.. and I still holla out the window. Since i Arcane, bars slain cards laid effortless, your guard way up vocab to my detriment you may feel frightened by the heighten of the conscious stuff but most you motherfuckers didn’t peep i said my moniker Arcane means known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric. But also i “are Kane”. My cards laid out for you cause i admit this to you. But people who don’t want to figure out lyrics have their guard way up.. so a big vocab hinders me. You May Feel (Mayfield).. so with the “are Kane” i said my moniker. So follow my flow got a road map tight to fliggity flip the old school you get the bozack…. sike So because i know the lyrics are filled with stuff, i provide a road map (FMF). Bozack and Sike are old school terms so is the Das Effex fliggity. i keep an open stance, overstand pegs on a bike open hand empty deadly karate man strike i chop nigga, 52 block nigga ducking cause word hurt worser than punches… I keep an open stance, like a Karate man… like always ready to get busy. Do you overstand (understand).. like someone standing on bike pegs, would over stand (stand over) the rider. Karate actually means empty hands so… yeah.. and that’s how that works. 52 Blocks is a fighting style that is just fucking awesome, and… well them niggas will kick my ass so don’t think i meant it. so i could say the names of niggas that done laid with niggas in entertainment business and you anal retentive fockers are so sharp you couldn’t gossip bout NOTHING THE END:
Good Friday Flow Followers, So as we are preparing to close out this series of FMF, I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate all of the comments, posts, and looks. So much so that this we we are going to do the first WHOLE SONG of the series. All original music, and this shit GOES… so lets get to it. BACKGROUND: The whole process of doing a “concept record” is something i always enjoyed. The entire record uses food, cooking, and eating metaphors to describe life, the music business, and the streets. I watch a lot of Hells Kitchen so when I yell things like “ITS RAW” just know that there was a bunch of “WHERE IS MY RISOTTO” ad libs that we took out lol. But all in all, the record goes pretty hard. For those who have been following the series you know i don’t break down the last few lines of the verse. So I only broke down the 1st and 3rd verses… the 2nd is on you.. #FollowMyFlow BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE…….. on to the breakdown. ============================== Israelite said you are what you eat brother… that’s why the swine full of lies and deceit brother…. Since the whole verse is laced with food, references it starts off with the “are what you eat”. The pig (cops) full of lies and deceit. I tell my peeps I’m lo cal, but i ride with the heat, The only oats getting sown, I’m open eye for a freak Okra i wouldn’t eat…i burn that green, on fake chickens pressed up, getting saucy for cheap Low Cal (calorie), but also low caliber as in not carrying a weapon. But I ride with the heat. Green as in the color of okra, but also as in money. Fake pressed up chicken (chicken nuggets) but also fake groupie women who “press up” on me. Getting saucy for cheap, as in drinking liquor, but also as in sauce for the nuggets… which are cheap. 20 for $4.99 last i checked… word to McDonald’s lol. Exercises… why… pounds were busting out of my pants motionless… getting fried wont take a nigga to France Pounds (as in being heavy set), as slang for weapons being shot (busted) when i pull em out of my pants. Motionless (as in dead), also known as nigger-itis. Fried..France.. as in French Fries. And getting fried (high) makes you loose ambition and you wont get anything done. And besides, in this country living large is applauded I’m appalled when some mauga dog a get it in I got bro’s out in cali, who move em a little tree they say you sell or ree… up and i love when they getting cheese Fetta.. Living large as in, balling out of control, and living large like being fat.. cause you eating (like getting money). A mauga dog (spelling) is Jamaican patois for very skinny. I got bro’s out in Cali (broccoli) which looks like little trees. But its like my bro’s who move trees (weed). Sell or Re-Up (celery), when they getting cheese (money) but cheese on broccoli. Fetta like the cheese, but it sounds like Fed Up… But metaphor is the form that i choose to speak Yeah we eating but we dying inside shall i repeat ...........Yeah I said we eating but we dying inside and that’s the theme VERSE THREE…………. My Chef said.. you don’t need you another feature Got Vexed…like fuck that, order another pizza my nigga So this verse is mostly based around pizza references. Its kind of a mini story. company coming, ducking another lethal dose of drums…. but I’m calm my scarf soaked in ether Company (beef) is coming, but staying calm. The pizza represents solving my problem in the street). The Colors…. you see that shit my eyes bleeding.. prophesy deliver me that strip The Cupboard….. was full of snow, i shrugged it for stilling souls my oven is full of coal it whispered… “any thing for the doe” Colors as in gang violence and seeing so much red its like my eyes are bleeding. Strip as in steak (beef) also as in a block. The cupboard being full of snow as in coke, but in a cooking reference its flour. Stilling as in stealing because drugs destroy lives. Stilling as in sitting still after a good meal. Oven full of coal is literal, and a way of saying “the heat is ready”. My gun (oven) telling me anything for the doe (money) and my oven telling me anything for the doe (pizza doe). You paint the streets, tomato sauce colored blood and it rain’t supreme you want beef…. they practically bringing it to your door. They stick niggas for bread who bubbling with the coke This is mostly imagery. But the supreme pizza (which has everything on it.. including beef) is being brought to your door, like delivery. Robberies are defined as “Bread Sticks”, and bubbling coke being the soda as well the process for making crack. Blue cheese getting saucy… better then dry snitching, Win D’s getting frosty… High chicken… Buff niggas get low, its hot as a fire engine on the stove, so we know that the government trying to kill us.. WE HONGRY!! I blew cheese (spent money) getting saucy (drunk), but the blue cheese is a sauce. Saucy chicken being better than dry chicken.. but you Win D’s (attract police) getting frosty (wearing diamonds). Also Wendy’s Frosty, i have heard about people dipping chicken nuggets in there when they high. But saying hello to the people who are scared of street circumstances. Buffalo (buff niggas get low) hot wings. Its the stove (ie my block) that’s hot. THE END:
Good Friday Flow Followers, I am fresh off of A3C, and feeling fantastic. Off the top I had a CRAZY time down there (ATL) and if you have never been I would SKROONGLY recommend it. I got the chance to kick it with Big Daddy Kane and MC Shan backstage, cut a record with the Beatminerz, and jumped in EVERY CYPHER I SAW. Shouts out to all the good folks I met, and heads I got a chance to build with. We all chasing our dreams. WORD!!! BACKGROUND: This was literally the LAST verse spit in the LAST cypher that took place at A3C. Myself, Rapman Ron G (who killed it), my main man Hassan Mackey (get familiar), and some DOPE ass cats who although I never heard of, were equally as live. We were out in front of the gate after the BDK show, just GOING IN. We spit for a WHILE before i told the dude beat boxing (who was DOPE) to stop and catch this next rhythm, I then began to kick some double time shit. The result was as follows. (This is the audio from one of the videos captured) BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE... on to the breakdown.. ---------------------------------------------------- (unheard) If everybody starving in the streets.... There ain't no prophesy or promise that you eat...that you eat (camera starts rolling) gotta get that cheese, gotta get that bread so you kick that flow like you did that bid but you never been a hustler, or bust a nigga wig heart like a marsh-mello when they run up in the crib Self explanatory as it is, its true none the less. The whole verse is one big shot at the "crack pound key flipping pound buster, nigga killers". Because when people run in your house looking for big pounds of porcelain schnort.. they will be disappointed. Like snatching a nigga fake chain... its just a waste of everybody time. aint nothing in your safe so that mad that they did dirty 730 with a piss...tool looking at your face, cause you know you gone die thief rolling his eyes like this...dude If you aint bout that life, better check yourself for you grab that mic say you push blow, up and down turn pikes sig-na-ture on a bullet that's coming down that pipe Same situation.. its not complex.. just said very quickly. But if you say your selling half the drugs in the tri state area... in a recession... dont be surprised that your name is on a bullet. In-di-scriminant woman that hang around that type..... ....gas em up, like you the man "dass right" they faster than the finger that blast that trigger to pass the poonanner cause you flash that ice..... More of a shot at the women who jock these sucka's. They are faster (promiscuous) then your (lyrical) finger on the trigger. And give up the ass just cause you rock a shiny necklace. ....cold as the pole in wintertime, those that know you wont go commit the crime O, N, E your self, or you git the bomb dropped in your lap that your wack to criminals ... and they know-you-wont tell.. if-you-do-dat, yo-record-don't-sell lyr-rick-cool-packs-aint-im-pressive-in-jail and you stressed cause you sex and you can not make bail BAIL..... Worse than the women who jock it, are the yes men who "know you wont go commit the crime". One ya self, or be faced with the realization that the people you are pretending to be like don't respect you. And when faced with the consequences of the life you represent, you will soon realize "drug rap" aint "drug deals". So BAIL.. like leave. Better adhere the principal.. or pray to Jesus like the gauge Episcopal the great, grand babies of slaves and Jim Crow don't think your clip blow to you raise the pistol to em Episcopal means based on or recognizing a governing order of bishops. Bishop is a type of Shotgun stock (which I owned). So although its kind of esoteric, the double meaning of it made perfect sense to me while writing it. You wanna kill black people.... ..... rap about Newport's... ya sing songs bout gaudy sneakers if i wanna hear a BIIITCH i listen to Too Short Too Short says BITCH better than anyone in the history of rap. Conversely people who only talk about the brand of jeans or shoe they wear sound like BITCHES. So if I wanted to hear a BITCH (the word/someone who talks like one) I would bump short. Not a shot... just word play that's a dis, I've got to mention im not down to jock or not knock your pimping Ahk out the box i box down your biscuit.. and bring Mau Mau to the proud.. brown... children Not knock, but also Knock Knock (as in knock your bitch) a call back to the BITCH reference. Mau Mau was a Kenyan anti-colonial group who fought against British rule.
Good (and final) Friday Flow Followers, This will conclude this particular series of Follow My Flow Fridays. I really want to thank EVERYBODY that participated, posted, commented, followed, listened, and read the posts from this series. Special shout outs go to Sermons Domain, I Heart Dilla, Why Blue Matter, 2Dopeboyz, Hip Hop Isn’t Dead, Hip Hop Reviewz, True Laurels, PNC Radio, Strictly Hip Hop 88.9, and the whole Friday Night Cartoons crew. Most importantly the owners of Mania Music Group (label that paaaaays me) for all the support, guidance, and pushing me to bring my A game to the series. Okay… so lets get to it. BACKGROUND: Lets just get a simple definition out of the way…. Palindrome - [pal-in-drohm] a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I’m Adam or Poor Danis in a droop. The title “Top Spot” is another example… also because this is the last, and most complicated week of the series. Okay.. so why use em?? Because I wanted to make this something that you HAD to read to fully grasp the meaning of. Since this is the Grande Finale to the series I wanted to end it off in a grand way. So there are words and whole lines that not only have word play, but can spell the same thing if you reverse the letters. This is my Earl The Goat shit.. I wanted to do a windmill with ankle weights on. With that being said…… ENOUGH OF MY BLABBERING BLATHERSKITE…. on to the break down… ====================== VERSE ONE: Words spitting faster than a race car rotor… both spelled backwards The Prince of the palindrome my coattails draggin… …bitch.. get on my level…. I’m off your radar… my mental send a message, through your melon like a seance A Palindrome is a word (or sentence) that can be read the same way in either direction. BOTH of these verses are FULL of them. For instance, Race car & Rotor spelled backwards are still racecaR & rotoR. Same goes for leveL and radaR. A seance is a channeling of… I don’t know.. energy.. god… ghosts… whatever you believe in. Please don’t try to debate me on the spiritual goodness or badness of it.. its rap music. I said it to sound cool. …through yo speaker.. hail… mister speaker… use bitches for shields she’ll be shelled in her d cup ..too riggaty real, for you frail little diva’s God saw I was dog… spelled backwards.. sentiments were squared, inverted, yall scared, big worded, aint dumbing it down to get it crackin So the seance is coming through your speakers (the medium), and mister speaker was the name of the pistol in Hoodlum (the movie). God (dog) saw I was Dog (god) as in dude saw i was lyrically dope…thus inverted. Then if you take the sentence “God saw I was dog” and spell it backwards it spells the same thing… thus squared. Dammit, I’m Mad …. there’s another one mechanics get eye passed, cause the masses cant fuck with em and I’m Tim Allen, with a pen pal an drones get thrown out of my dome i dont whooaa for syntax The first line spells the same thing.. well… you get it right? (lyrical) Mechanics are what you would call a “technical rapper”, so they get looked over because most people don’t listen hard enough to get what they are saying. So yeah.. I’m mad about that dammit lol. Tim Allen stared in “Home Improvement” in which he was a really skilled (albeit crazy) mechanic. So its penpal-ing, as in im writing to you. Then its Pal and Drones as in friends and followers, but also Palindromes which is what this rhyme is heavy on. Dome as in head (on my shoulders) but also dome as in slang for a blow job. I WHOOA in lue of “pause” because a “whooooaaa” usually precedes a dynamic pause. If you dont know what pause is, try to have a conversation with any of my cousins.. nuff said lol. The dope’s in my notes.. not the reader but the quotes, that i cloak first look yo wouldn’t see em Rhymes meant to be read (red).. they born in the jungle like tigers in my head you get mauled if i hunt you He god dam mad dog …eh.. IMMA SPELL THAT BACKWARDS.. turn the track up for a sec The dope (fresh lines) are in my notes (breakdown of the lines), but it could be taken as the dope (dummy) is in my notes (rhyme book). So i make the distinction. The Jungle is a prominent Blood Gang neighborhood in California. So my rhymes are meant to be read (like what your doing now hopefully). “He god dam mad dog.. eh” spelled backwards is the same.. yeah.. another one. He becomes Eh… God turns to Dog, Dam become Mad see the bars that i brung… now i been doing that shit the whole damn rhyme and you prolly didn’t catch the shit the whole damn time.. (and i dont need no hook for this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit) VERSE TWO: A man, a plan, a canal… PANAMA ….bully… bullet… boolit…i toss Cannon balls The whole first line can be inverted… but its also a reference to Teddy Roosevelt (the president) who took a very enthusiastic approach to the Panama Canal. “Bully” was one of his token phrases. And I’m a bully so if they toss bullets i toss cannon balls. Me looking fi ya daughter like Santa Clause.. i got a present in my sack for her…. ….. anyway… on to the riggity rap tactics that slick n the trickity lyrics spelled backwards… Nothing really that deep here to be honest. But I think its funny.. because its crass. I just love toilet humor. ….YAWN… Madonna fan?.. no damn way I threaten niggas like Radames… My shooters both coastal.. yall booty hole, show tunes… you got not flavor.. ill put you in the air fucking UFO Tofu.. Again… first line can be reversed to spell the same thing. But it alludes to people who dont want complicated lyrics, and how they may find this boring... they should go play "Like A Virgin" and dance in their underwear. Radames was a character from the movie Juice who for lack of better terms threatened niggas. And “UFO TOFU” can be inverted. I know…. its a lot of em. And honestly I wrote the rhyme around that one lol. and that’s the same spelled backwards how i do its so post move… you niggas so postal… …you licking and sticking on the male i just sickanin’d myself…. YUCK… Schmuck….i be shittin on yall skills …fuck….. stuck….. i was getting off on that spiel .. So they “postal” like crazy, and also like the post office. And postal like having to do with the post office, licking and sticking stamps on the mail, and yadda yadda getting gay with niggas. The “fuck.. stuck” part is when i actually realized that i had to end that quick little rhyme pattern, and is really what i said when was writing it. A spiel is a lengthy or extravagant speech (usually to persuade). Snug & Raw…. was I ere I saw…. raw & guns don’t let your minds ear flip that i war with none step on no pets but sit your pussy down for i stomp his tongue Snug (Snub actually, but i pronounced it wrong for years so i never changed it) is a gun.. Raw like drugs.. was I ere (which means before) because that is all i used to rap about despite that I wasn’t a drug dealer. Ere is actually pronounced like “air” and thus the whole don’t let your minds ear flip that. Additionally the first two lines (from snug to guns) can be reversed to spell the same thing… and honestly that one was my favorite. Step On No Pets can be reversed as well. No.. its opposition… niggas forced to RUN.. like bitches No sir.. …prefer prison Its a cold world… I’m not a GZA but I’m smarter than your average bear fuck up a pick-a-nick First line flips, third line flips (peep me getting lazy with the breakdown lol). The GZA is (besides one of my favorite rappers) short for The Genius. Cold world was one of his songs (one of my favorites actually) and here is an interesting tid bit.. i turned the lyrics to that song in for an English paper when I was in grade school (turning the word nigga to brother etc). My teacher was very disturbed by what she then assumed my home life was like. See… lazy has trade offs lol. basket, bastid, plaster plastic rap caricatures… i catch em and i bash they melon with cattle purrds.. eeeh.. prod.. I’m the god… i crush galaxies in my palm like its arm…. …a gedding you ……start flexing, I’m not a product of no Prada its popular reflexes… so bring a vest…. mettle rdddinging at your men’s… till they fall like a star…. and i bring it to an end….. And with that I will leave the last few lines for whoever is interested in breaking it down… hit me on twitter @KaneMayfield if you want to let me know what you found. I LOVE lyrics and truly appreciate you taking the time to read mine. THE END:


What FMF Fridays is, is a verse, sometimes freestyle and other times from a song. I break down all of the metaphors, hidden meaning, double and triple entendre and really just all the fun lyrical stuff. I have been doing this for a little over a year on both my FB, Twitter, Tumblr and so forth and the response has been great. But just to be honest, this is made for people who like breaking down LYRICS.


released August 19, 2011


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